The Best WiFi Signal Booster

So you’re looking for a WiFi signal booster, well you’ve come to the right place. You probably need a laptop WiFi signal booster for one of two reasons. The first is your wireless router is located half way across the house or in the basement and you aren’t getting a very good signal upstairs or across the house. The second reason you need a signal booster is because you’re in a home with walls that for whatever reason seem to eat up your wireless signal and your laptop or desktop computer cant seem to get or keep a WiFi connection. A perfect example of this is in the dorm rooms at college or in an office building. A WiFi signal booster can be a great accessories for college kids looking for laptops for students or a business man trying to get the wireless connection to reach to that far office.

From the research I’ve done people love the Hawking line of laptop Wifi signal boosters and after doing a little research I’ve got to agree. They are hands down some of the best and most reliable models you can purchase for the money. The most popular by far however is the hawking hi gain hsb2 wifi signal booster wireless network amplifier, but any of the models below work great as well.

So exactly how does a WiFi signal booster work? Well its not as complicated as you’d think. It basically takes the signal from the wireless router and in a way strengthens and repeats it so that it can reach farther than before. One important thing to remember with every wireless signal booster is that it will need a power outlet in order to work, so don’t plan on hiding it somewhere in the ceiling to far from a outlet. The things that really blew me away about the Hawkings models was just how much strong it made the signal. Hawkings claims that their laptop WiFi signal booster increases signal strength by 600%! Its also important to note that this isn’t a cheap wireless extender and is a really nice quality product. One that I would use in my own home.

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