Make Your Desktop Computer Wireless With A USB WiFi Adapter

The USB adapter features wireless technology which has been designed for both large scale as well as small scale businesses. Based on your business you can scale your business that is you can add the number of users. This network can provide required bandwidth for real time streaming of high definition multimedia content at home-networks. They provide high speed email, web access as well as LAN access to a large number of mobile users in commercial offices. The USB WiFi adapter can be installed on MAC operating systems and Linux operating systems as well apart from the regular PC.

Blue unplugged USB adapter 802.11g is an example of a wireless chipset. What the adaptor does is, it draws power from the USB port without using any external power supply. It transfers data at a speed of up to 54 MBPS. The high quality error-connection keeps the USB WIFI adapter working at high transmission-rates for far away distances. The Blue unplugged WiFi 54 MBPS USB adapter is compactly designed and is hot- swappable giving great suppleness and incredible advantages for both desktop-users as well as notebook-users. If you are interested in joining a WiFi-network, consider installing the Adapter on the fly without rebooting.

The main purpose of the WIFI is to serve the mobile devices and the LAN connections. These days it is being utilized for accessing the internet. It enables users to gain access to the computers having the WiFi connection or for personal; digital assistant to get connected to the internet when located at a reasonable distance from the access point. This could enable you to connect to the internet from your mobile phone, from your laptop or personal computers. The Belkin USB adapter is one of the best WiFi adapters you could consider utilizing.

High level hardware based 64bit and the 128bit WEP Encryption provides the user secure data-communication and protects the network from the wireless prowlers without any change in the quality of the performance. Apart from this, there are sophisticated safekeeping features like the WiFi Protected Access (WPA), WPA-PSK and 802.1x support incorporated. Pre configured to work with Actiontec wireless-products or connect to supplementary devices supporting the 802.11g or 802.11b standards.

There are certain points that you must remember when you plan to utilize the WIFI wireless link USD adapter. Firstly, during the driver installation, you must provide accurate information like the wireless client name, the wireless SSID, the work group name along with the unique client name, the IP address, gateway address, subnet mask in case not using the DHCP server and the user name and password.

Even though we typically talk about laptops for students here, this USB WiFi adapter can be a great purchase for a college student that has a really nice desktop computer and still wants to connect to the wireless network at college.

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