Laptops For Students Buyers Guide Part 2 Bluetooth

Bluetooth can be a great addition to the best laptops for students.  Bluetooth is a wireless protocol that lets two devices connect wirelessly and exchange information.  One of the most commonly known uses for this is the Bluetooth headset that connects to cellular phones.  While Bluetooth has gone through a lot of revisions of the years to get to where it is today, you don’t have to worry about which version your notebook will have.  Below are some great reasons to get a laptop with Bluetooth included.

Wireless Keyboard – When you’re at college you’ll be on the move a lot and will be bringing you laptop with you.  If you have Bluetooth on your laptop you won’t have to worry about continually plugging in and unplugging your laptop from the keyboard.  Instead with the Bluetooth, when your laptop gets within range of the wireless keyboard it will automatically know to connect.  Simply place your laptop on your desk and start using the wireless keyboard.

Wireless Mouse – The same concept applies to the wireless mouse as it does to the wireless keyboard.  When you place the laptop on the desk you can switch and start using the regular mouse instead of the small trackpad that comes on the laptop.  You can usually find a Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse as a package deal for a fairly good price at most electronic and office supply stores.

Everyday people are coming out with new gadgets that take advantage of the Bluetooth protocol which is why it’s such a good idea to make sure you include it on your list of required things when searching for the best laptops for students.  Even though you may not see a need to have Bluetooth now you might later on after buying the laptop and considering it doesn’t add any real cost to the laptop it’s a great idea to plan ahead.  If you are looking way into the future you could also justify getting Bluetooth for the resale value.  The person buying your used laptop may use Bluetooth everyday.  Overall it’s a little thing that is overlooked and is worth a second look.

TIP: The range on a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse is pretty good.  You could leave you laptop on your desk and take the wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse over to your bed so you would be more comfortable while you are working on your homework, term paper, or just surfing the web.

TIP: If you’ve already got a laptop and don’t have Bluetooth don’t worry!  You can by external Bluetooth adapters that plug into any of the available USB ports on the side of your laptop.  It’s a good compromise to going without Bluetooth.  It’s still best when searching for the best laptops for students to plan ahead and make sure it’s included.

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