How Many USB Ports Do Laptops For Students Need?

How Many USB Ports Do I Need?  USB stands for universal serial bus and its a very common port on any of the best laptops for college students. The 1.0 version was introduced in 1996 with a much faster and now standard version called USB 2.0 that was release in April of 2000. In November of 2008 a 3.0 version was released however its very uncommon to see any computers that actually carry one of the 3.0 ports.

When looking for one of the best laptops for students its important to find one that has as many USB ports as possible. I made the mistake of getting a laptop in college that only had 2 USB ports. I thought there was no way Id ever need more than 2 at any given time. I cant even begin to tell you how wrong I was. Here is a quick list of the 7 things I had plugged in almost all the time when my computer was at my desk.

  1. External hard drive for back up and storage of all my music, photos, documents
  2. External keyboard because it was easier to type on
  3. External mouse to go next to the keyboard
  4. USB Flash drive that had my current school work on it
  5. My digital camera
  6. My iPod / MP3 player
  7. My printer

You can see how this was going be a big problem. There are a couple of solutions with the easiest being to buy a laptop with a lot of USB ports. You probably wont find any cheap laptops for students that have 7+ USB ports which is ok. As I’ve mentioned in a previous article, getting one of the best laptops for students should include Bluetooth which will help with the keyboard and mouse problem. You can also get a USB hub that turns one USB port into anywhere between 4 and 8 ports. They are extremely cheap and very useful. Believe it or not you can actually run 127 devices off from one USB port.

If you do happen to see any laptops for college students that do have the new USB 3.0 ports on them that’s great, but most likely you are going to see most of them will have USB 2.0 ports which is plenty fast and the current standard. Its always nice to look forward and try to plan a head. It helps make your computer usable and relevant to the future which is great for making that computer last as long as possible.

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