Finding A Good Laptop Stand

Laptop users know that when they have been using their computers for a long period of time, it starts to get really hot. For those who use actually use their laptops on their laps it is not a very comfortable feeling when the heat of the computer starts to connect with your skin. It is therefore a good thing that computer manufacturers came up with the laptop stand. This nifty device is designed to let users have a more comfortable experience while using their laptops by putting the computer on a small stand allowing air to pass through between it and the surface.

So whether you are watching TV while using your laptop or lounging around in your bed at the same time surfing the world wide web with your laptop, these laptop stands are your best friends. One popular laptop stand is the Apple iLap from Rain Design. This sleek and modern laptop stand looks just like a bent metal but is actually made of aluminum and has a sheen matt finish. The aluminum helps dissipate heat coming from your computer. Once you place your MacBook on the iLap for the first time you will find that your computer sits just about 5mm off from the iLap. This is done to allow the air to circulate underneath thereby allowing the computer to cool off. It is designed with ergonomics in mind that the screen is set higher to prevent users from experiencing stress on their neck and shoulders. Padded cushions are provided to support the wrists and make long hours of typing more comfortable.

Another popular brand is known as the Aviator Laptop Stand. This is a portable laptop stand which is perfect for travelers who go from one place to another for business reasons. This device can make using your laptop in the plane very comfortable because now you can just pop open your seats tray, prop up your computer on the stand, and you are all set for typing last minute documents or presentations. It is also an adjustable laptop stand because you can make it flat for packing and locked upright as a stand for when you are using your laptop.

For DJs who use their computers in the bar scene it is essential to have a specially designed laptop stand. The Stanton Uberstand DJ Laptop Stand is one that can unfold into a three tiered stand when used on a flat table or a two tiered stand when placed on a turntable. It is also an adjustable laptop stand in that you can make it go higher or lower depending on the DJs height. This dj laptop stand is made of aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel making it very durable and stable. It is also a portable laptop stand in that it is easy to transport and is very convenient to assemble. All you have to do is just to flip and click then you are ready to mount your laptop on it.

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