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A Sony vaio laptop is simply a desktop computer in a neat and compact box that optionally runs off batteries. With technology advancing daily, laptops are getting smaller and smaller. Its stylish all-in-one design gives you the convenience of having everything in one package with an integrated V.90 modem and simultaneous access to the hard drive, floppy drive and CD-RW/DVD combo drive.

Or remove the floppy drive and insert the optional second battery for double the battery life! Replacing a desktop computer with a Sony vaio laptop immediately makes ones purchase more customised. As a notebook user you will be looking at mobility without sacrificing much of the hardware that would come with a desktop. Adjectives used to describe notebook computers today are thin, mobile and portable and the Sony vaio laptop is all of these while still being light and stylish.

Weight is a big issue among mobile professionals. If you have ever travelled with an old notebook you’ll quickly find out why. The Sony vaio laptop is designed with mobility in mind, without sacrificing hardware. If you simply use Word documents, check e-mail and surf the Web, a basic Sony vaio laptop will suffice.

Most people looking to replace the desktop system don’t want to sacrifice the “essential” robust qualities that they have become accustomed to: high-end processing unit, abundance of RAM, hard drive space and an assortment of necessary peripherals, with a Sony vaio laptop you can be assured you won’t need to sacrifice these benefits.

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