Best Samsung laptop reviews

Best Samsung laptop reviews

In search of a notebook computer that is cost-efficient yet is built for high-performance and stunning design? Integrated with a 2.30GHz Intel Core i5 Processor, youll find this notebook to be very comfortable and handy anywhere you place it, from the business desk, office table or on your lap. The Samsung Series 3 NP350U2B-A01 12.5-Inch Laptop Notebook comes in a compact, sleek and stylish design finished off with silky-smooth lines. It weighs less than 6 pounds and has an outstanding 15.6-inch HD display screen. Above all else, Samsung was still able to feature a separate keypad to go along with it. Armed with 2 powerful USB 2.0 ports, youll never need an extension cord or USB hub.

  • One of the focal points of the laptop is its price. Youre getting a high performance solid notebook laptop for a very competitive price.
  • The Exclusive Fast Start Technology. You wont have to waste time in waiting for the laptop to shut down or to load it back to the screen where you left it. The Fast Start Technology is the key for a more efficient and productive work and play application.
  • Its all about speed and performance when it comes to these machines. The Samsung NP350U2B is equipped with a highly powerful 2.30GHz Intel Core-2410m Sandy Bridge Dual-Core Processor, which is quite some hot stuff.
  • The laptop is created very slim and solid, with a ventilation system for thermal control as well as a power-efficient feature that lets you enjoy your laptop on-the-go without having to run out of batteries.
  • One of the drawbacks of the laptop is the limited USB ports, which may prove to be the cost-cutting features of the machine. The display and performance is adequate, but not the best of the bunch.

The design is simply unmatched by other brands of notebook on the market. And though at first glance it looks virtually similar with the past laptop series and models from last years catalog, the Samsung NP350U2B-A01 12.5-Inch Notebook clearly brings something new and interesting in todays extensive laptop market. The design of the laptop is stunning and subdued to help balance the needs of the user in terms of work and play on their notebook. This 12.5-inch Samsung Series 3 notebook boasts a brushed smooth and sexy metal design on its outer shell and finished off with a brushed chrome trim. It definitely sports a classy approach wherever you use the notebook. The Samsung NP350U2B-A01 12.5-Inch Notebook is a complete package in terms of design, with a stylish and well-rounded build that works well for both hoe and business use. And considering its price point on the market, the Samsung NP350U2B-A01 12.5-Inch Notebook may not be the most inexpensive on the market, but given the features and specs you get from it, you may be getting a very good laptop for a very reasonable value.

Another great feature about the Samsung NP350U2B-A01 12.5-Inch Notebook is its astonishing Slim Bezel Display. The display screen on your computer is the gateway to an entirely new world filled with wonders to be discovered. With the laptops slim bezel advancement, you will be able to receive more from a smaller footprint. By reducing the bezel and optimizing the display screen, youll have a conveniently portable laptop without having to sacrifice the size of the screen. From emailing to creating presentations, browsing photos, and watching videos and movies, this Samsung creation will definitely make your data come alive in vivid detail. Now whats a great display feature without great audio quality? The Samsung NP350U2B-A01 has a HDMI high-definition audio and video output that enables a single cable to transfer uncompressed HD videos to a compatible digital TV or external screen. The ports include 2 USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, Ethernet, SD card reader, headphone jack and an Intel Chip set port.

In terms of the keyboard and keypad, the Samsung NP350U2B-A01 sports a chic keyboard that is quite similar with the keyboard on a Mac Air notebook. It has great spacing in between each keys and is finished off with good quality. The keypad boasts a one bar touch click and a spacious keypad if youre using it without a separate mouse.

Going to the laptops performance, youll find the Samsung NP350U2B-A01 with a powerful 2.30GHz Intel Core i5 dual core processor for better performance with a significant boost on processing speeds with the Turbo Boost Technology. This particular feature optimizes the speed for demanding apps and programs, dynamically improving performance to comply with your workload. The laptop is also configured with an Intel Hyper Threading Technology that allows every core of the processor to accommodate multiple tasks at the same time thus offering the same high level performance for your multitasking needs. The laptop is also designed with a 4GB of built-in DDR3 RAM and a 500GB SATA hard drive to deliver huge amounts of data storage capacity without affecting the performance of the machine.

When the Samsung NP350U2B-A01 12.5-Inch Notebook is charged all day, you can see that the battery life of the laptop is set at a fixed 80% maximum. This prevents the battery of the laptop from getting beaten up by excessive charging and discharging cycles which may reduce the quality or lifespan of your batteries.

Overheating your laptop from excessive hours of use is somewhat a common issue for most laptops on the market. This makes it seem almost impossible to place it on your lap during use. Fortunately, the Samsung NP350U2B-A01 has a rear ventilation system that allows the hot air to come out of the back rather than accumulate on the center or belly of the laptop.

So who should invest in this Samsung Series 3 NP350U2B-A01 12.5-Inch Laptop Notebook Review? Basically, those with tight budgets but want to get the best value from their money can choose the Samsung NP350U2B-A01 Laptop. Its also for people who are always on the go and require a more professional and work functional laptop without too much distracting elements and complexities in the system.

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