Best laptop for gaming

 Best laptop for gaming

The average laptop that is on the market today is usually sufficient for basic word processing programs and surfing the Internet. For the person who is going to utilize a laptop computer for gaming, there are very specific needs and requirements to do this properly. If trying to run video games on a basic or outdated system, the user will quickly find that it is not up to the challenge. That is why a gamer needs a specific type of laptop.

The Best Graphics

Computer games are very intensive when it comes to the images and graphics. Because of this, the laptop should be equipped with the best and most up to date graphic card that is available. Since the technology is constantly changing, having a laptop where the graphics card can be upgraded at a later date is also wise.

Along with the graphics card, the display quality is important. The display should be able to handle the game graphics. This is generally not a concern with decent laptop computers. A general rule would be to have a screen resolution of at least 1440 x 900 for a 15 inch model. For a 17 inch screen, the resolution should at least be 1680 x 1050.

The most RAM

RAM refers to random access memory. When the computer is running applications, this memory is being utilized. Depending on the operating system, there is always a minimum recommended amount of RAM required. The laptop should have the largest possible amount of RAM installed. This will ensure that the computer is able to handle high demand or large gaming programs.

Video RAM is also something to consider. This is specifically used by the video adapters. It is essential when it comes to playing 3D video games. Older or lower priced computers will not have RAM that is specifically dedicated to video.

The Hard Drive

Along with the RAM, having a fast computer and fast hard drive is essential for gaming. This will ensure that the game never freezes up while playing. The speed of the processor is seen in MHZ. MHZ is short for megahertz. Basically, a higher speed equates into the computer being able to process information quicker.

The Extras

There are a few additional items that are necessary when it comes to purchasing a laptop for gaming.
As with any laptop, the touchpad device will not be the most efficient when it comes to game play. Purchasing a decent wireless and rechargeable mouse is best. If size and weight is not a factor, get one that fits the hand the best.

In addition to the graphics, the sounds associated with the video game are also important. The factory speakers on the laptop are usually inadequate when it comes to providing the best sound quality. A decent pair of headphones will be easily portable and provide great sound.

Gaming requires a good deal of energy consumption from the computer. Because of this, the laptop will not be able to perform for a long time solely on battery power. Having an additional battery and extra power cords can help. When running on battery power, many laptops will adjust the power settings or power scheme. This generally means that performance is not as good as when on AC power. Settings can be adjusted to change this, but battery life will certainly be shortened.

To Sum Up

Gaming requires a great deal of resources from the computer. That is why purchasing a laptop for computer games should be done carefully and with adequate research.

Getting a laptop with the most amount of RAM, highest speed hard drive and best video card is not always an option, especially when it comes to purchasing a computer on a budget. All factors should be considered, and one can certainly find the best gaming laptop that fits his budget and his needs.

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