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Great -the screen
After a great deal of personal debate I decisive to go with the Asus U35F because of the overall build, less than an inch thick, long run time, and a much more inviolable processor than you would get in any netbook or culv laptop. After playing with it for a while I would say that for the most portion I love this laptop. The build quality very good, the keyboard is better than most and the touch pad is very nice. For those that may be marveling the touchpad is more or less pitted so you may feel when you are on it. I set it up so that a 2-finger tap is a right mouse click and a 3-finger tap closes the active window.
As for the decision to go without the committed graphicsit plays each type of streaming video file I may throw at it including 1080P youtube videos without a single studder or issue. For those of you that think you are going to find a use for the committed graphics I think you are fooling yourselves. There is not much you cant do without it other than play graphic intensive games and you cant in truth do that with a 310M anyway.

On the negative sidethis is the worst screen I have ever applied in terms of vertical looking at angle. I do not exagerate when I say that you have in regards to 10 degrees up or down before you get severe color inversion and whiteout if you are above the screen.

All in all though since you must in general be directly in front of the screen and Im sure other screens in this price range are not the best on the market either I would reccomend this laptop to anyone. Overall aweinspiring laptop!

Perfection in a sexy package
When I got this thing I was blown away by how thin and beautiful it is. It has galore weight to it, but just sufficient to feel lasting and expensive. Its the perfective size for me and the battery life is fantastic. I get 6-8 hours depending on how im using it. The keyboard is comfortable and the mouse pad is amazing. I love how its integrated into the palm rest. There are a great deal of usb ports and who needs an optical drive anyway?
I wasnt too thrilled when it comes to a good deal of of the software it came with (some crappy asus stuff and free games). The only annoying thing is that the screen and shiny plastic around it are dust magnets. I have 3 dogs and there is perpetually dog hair stuck to it. Luckily it came with an LCD cleaning cloth.

ok had this thing for a couple weeks now and i take it everywhere. got rid of all the stupid asus software they included. and i swapped microsoft word for openoffice because i am cheap.
the metal lid and palm rests are constantly covered in fingerprints, which looks stupid, but i dont mind.
i set it down next to my dads 17.3 hp and my moms 15 gateway and it is thinner, sexier, and more professional-looking than both of them. so i am still exceedingly pleased with it.

Quality build with a couple minor complains

I decisive on this model over the devoted graphics version (u35jt i think). I didnt intend to do gaming or 3d production (and am running Ubuntu, which presently doesnt help the devoted graphics). I use this notebook for web development, and it performs very well.

The build quality is great. The thin profile and weight are very pleasant (though not radically dissimilar than the iBook this system is replacing). While very thin, the aluminum shell on the outside of the screen seems very sturdy. Heat output seems to be very focussed in the back left side, which makes it comparatively comfortable to use on your lap. On a full charge, and without any power saving modifications, Ubuntu reports the battery life at amid 6-7 hours (have not tested that though) which seems more that sufficient. While the screen has a great deal of issues (see below) the overall color quality and contrast is very good. Im on my patio late on a sunny day as I write this, and glare isnt in truth an issue (no more than youd expect).

The only true disappointment is the webcam. I dont recognise if it is a software configuration, or the fact that the notebook screen doesnt put out sufficient light, but the camera effigy appears very dark unless you have very good lighting from elsewhere in the room. It is a low-res camera, but with very good lighting, the quality is sufficient for skype, etc. Incidentally, the webcam effigy is vertically flipped in Ubuntu, and I have not found any system-level repair for this problem (app-specific solutions are available).

Otherwise, the greatest con of this scheme is the screen. As others reviewers mention, specifically the fixed vertical angle that permits rectify viewing. However, when you have it angled correctly, the screen is at the orientation you would likely be using it anyway. In short, while it is a deficiency, it has not detracted from my experience, and poor laptop screens (at this price anyway) are reasonably ubiquitous in the market. The keyboard seems to be a tad flimsy. If you are genuinely banging away, you may detect galore flex on the keyboard, but again, this has not significantly detracted from my experience. My only design complaint with this keyboard is the trackpad location. The trackpad itself is interesting, in that it is just a textured percentage of the palmrest. I in truth like this: one less place for seam-related issues, and one less place for dirt to collect. The issue is that it is very easy to tap the trackpad while typing; its very annoying. This might be a mutual problem with laptops, but I never noticed it on my 12 inch iBook, which had much less area to work with. This may be remedied by using the trackpad lock function key, which is commodious sufficient (though I have not gotten that functioning in Ubuntu). The only other gripe, is the speaker location. On your lap, the speakers are substantially muffled. On a flat surface, this is not a problam, and they seem very sufficient. Oh yes, and from a wholly aesthetic perspective, the black aluminum gravely collects greasy fingerprints. Pretty minor, but some persons care when it comes to that sort of thing

Other thoughts
I may take or leave the ASUS instant-on OS. The interface is kind of awkward, and honestly, the full system boots (in Ubuntu anyway) fast sufficient to not in truth make this much of a conveninet alternative. The lack of optical drive will of course mean dissimilar things to dissimilar users. It is very annoying that Windows pretty much without delay prompts you to make a scheme image, which you can not do without extra hardware. Since I dont use windows, I havent worried regarding that, thought I probably should. I did get an external USB optical drive, FWIW.

I would unquestionably commend this system, both in general, and for use with Ubuntu.

UPDATE: After a few more weeks of usage, I have found a build or design-related issue: The right side wrist-rest area creaks while typing. From what I may tell, this is not a seam issue: everything looks flush in that area. From the location, I suspect it is the inside housing of the righthand speaker rubbing versus the inside of the wristpad, which is in all likelihood just flexing too much. Its annoying, and unquestionably takes away from a solid feel (which already suffers due to the keyboard). I had read a review of the ul30 describing this same issue, and had hoped it had been resolved, but apparently not.

Still recommend, just not as happy regarding it

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