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Welcome to laptops for students.  I did a lot of research while I was trying to find the best laptop for my college classes.  I was surprised how much of the information for the best student laptops was scattered all over the internet.  It made it really hard to find the best laptops for students.  Hopefully this website will help others like me that wanted to find a cheap, good laptop to help them do better in school.

Over the next few weeks Ill be adding posts to help people find cheap laptops for students along with buyer guides and even laptop reviews for all the laptops I’ve used recently.

If you’d like to submit a review or have any recommendation for the site or other members please leave me a comment.  Thanks for stopping by laptops for students!

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Laptops For Students Buyers Guide Part 1 Wifi

All of the best laptops for students will come with wifi.  Wifi gives your computer the ability to connect to a network without the need for a network cable. It’s great for colleges and universities because it lets an entire classroom of students use the internet and the school’s network without having a cable ran to each seat in the classroom.  It comes in a few different forms though and as wifi has advanced over the years better versions have emerged.  Wifi is referenced by the 802.11 protocol.  While they are all compatible with each other it’s always a good idea to get the newest version possible if you are buying a new laptop.  Below is a list of the different wifi types.

802.11 (1997) – This was the first version of wifi released.  It’s been over 10 years since this version came out.  You won’t find this on any of the best laptops for students.

802.11a/b (1999) – This version was a great improvement both in overall speed and distance that you could still keep a decent signal.  A lot of used laptops for students that you find might have this version.  All current wifi systems still have backward compatibility for this version of wifi.  Transfer large files can be very slow using this type of wifi though.

802.11g (2003) – Most of the best laptops for students will have this version of wifi.  This was another huge jump from the 802.11a/b protocol released in 1999.  While there wasn’t a large increase in overall distance for this release, the speed increase is very noticeable.

802.11n (2007) – This is the current standard and the future of wifi.  When looking for the best laptops for students this is definitely the wifi type to look for.  This version supports both of the common frequencies.

My best suggestion is to get 802.11n if possible, but I wouldn’t have a problem settling for 802.11g.  While 5 laptops for students might all have the 802.11n version, some will have better range than others.  This is due to the manufacturer’s construction of the laptop and also what type of material the laptop is made out of.  For example a metal based laptop might not have the same distance as a similar laptop made from plastic.  If by some chance when looking for the best laptops for students and you do find one of the older protocols I would avoid it no matter how tempting the price may be.  Also make sure to check reviews about that particular laptop you are looking for.

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Laptops For Students Buyers Guide Part 2 Bluetooth

Bluetooth can be a great addition to the best laptops for students.  Bluetooth is a wireless protocol that lets two devices connect wirelessly and exchange information.  One of the most commonly known uses for this is the Bluetooth headset that connects to cellular phones.  While Bluetooth has gone through a lot of revisions of the years to get to where it is today, you don’t have to worry about which version your notebook will have.  Below are some great reasons to get a laptop with Bluetooth included.

Wireless Keyboard – When you’re at college you’ll be on the move a lot and will be bringing you laptop with you.  If you have Bluetooth on your laptop you won’t have to worry about continually plugging in and unplugging your laptop from the keyboard.  Instead with the Bluetooth, when your laptop gets within range of the wireless keyboard it will automatically know to connect.  Simply place your laptop on your desk and start using the wireless keyboard.

Wireless Mouse – The same concept applies to the wireless mouse as it does to the wireless keyboard.  When you place the laptop on the desk you can switch and start using the regular mouse instead of the small trackpad that comes on the laptop.  You can usually find a Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse as a package deal for a fairly good price at most electronic and office supply stores.

Everyday people are coming out with new gadgets that take advantage of the Bluetooth protocol which is why it’s such a good idea to make sure you include it on your list of required things when searching for the best laptops for students.  Even though you may not see a need to have Bluetooth now you might later on after buying the laptop and considering it doesn’t add any real cost to the laptop it’s a great idea to plan ahead.  If you are looking way into the future you could also justify getting Bluetooth for the resale value.  The person buying your used laptop may use Bluetooth everyday.  Overall it’s a little thing that is overlooked and is worth a second look.

TIP: The range on a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse is pretty good.  You could leave you laptop on your desk and take the wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse over to your bed so you would be more comfortable while you are working on your homework, term paper, or just surfing the web.

TIP: If you’ve already got a laptop and don’t have Bluetooth don’t worry!  You can by external Bluetooth adapters that plug into any of the available USB ports on the side of your laptop.  It’s a good compromise to going without Bluetooth.  It’s still best when searching for the best laptops for students to plan ahead and make sure it’s included.

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The Benefits Of Laptops For College Students

Today’s laptops for college students need to be affordable, efficient, reliable, and portable. This may sound like a tall order, but thankfully there exist hundreds of selections that meet all of these requirements; they just take a little bit of research and searching to find.

College students will benefit from owning a laptop computer in a number of ways. Not only are laptops for college students an efficient and organized way of keeping notes, completing assignments, and conducting research, they are also a comprehensive and compact home entertainment system that perform multiple useful tasks outside of the classroom. Many students are now using their laptops to store and play music and movies, and with excellent internet resources, they can now even download the latest television shows in a manner that is completely free and legal.

In order to accommodate the multiple and varied functions of modern laptops, manufacturers are including higher levels of RAM and memory into each individual machine. Additional common features of the newest laptop computers on the market include Bluetooth technology, and built-in wireless cards, for anywhere internet access.

The biggest challenge when looking for laptops for college students is not finding a machine that has all of the above-listed capabilities, but finding one with all of the above that is within a moderate to low price range. To facilitate this search, students should begin by looking not at electronics stores or outlets, but within their own community. Some methods of obtaining inexpensive, all-inclusive laptops include searching E-Bay or Craigslist, looking into laptops that have been refurbished by the manufacturer, or by just getting the word out around school or work that they are searching.

Refurbished laptops for college students may not be the newest products on the market, but they are often of better quality that the brand new computers that are cheaply priced due to their lower quality. Refurbished computers, when purchased from the manufacturer, have been carefully inspected and upgraded with the newest features, in order to provide a slightly older product that functions like a brand new machine, without the accompanying price tag.

Frequently, in order to keep up with the most advanced technologies, individuals will upgrade their computers yearly, selling their gently used, slightly older model, for a fraction of the original price. By identifying what they require in a computer, and consulting trusted sources on what to look for when purchasing a gently used laptop, students can get great deals on products that they couldn’t afford to buy brand new.  Another thing to take a look at is a laptop computer stand.  Almost every student will be able to benefit from purchasing one and they aren’t a huge investment money wise.

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Suggetions To Find Cheap Laptops For Students

In today’s market, cheap laptops for students are not hard to find. Price is obviously an important consideration when looking to make a new laptop purchase. It should not be the only one however; additional important considerations include quality, reliability, and performance. All of these elements should be considered equally, in order to ensure that the best possible product is eventually purchased.

When looking for an inexpensive laptop, identify all of the elements that you will need to have included on said laptop. Basic models may be offered at very low prices, but may not include certain essential features or programs that, when purchased separately, will bring up that initial purchase cost. Cheap laptops for students should still include an introductory word processing program, some form of anti-virus protection, and enough RAM and memory to process all computer projects quickly and reliably.

Be sure that the laptop computer you eventually purchase is only cheap in price, and not in quality. The laptop should last for at least the length or your degree program, but ideally should last beyond that. Purchasing a laptop that sacrifices quality for price could end up costing more in the long run, since unexpected breakdowns, or undue necessity for replacements, are more likely to occur in a shorter period of time. Students, as well as every individual, should inquire about the warranty that is included with the laptop purchase, and ensure that there is some form of backing from the manufacturer in the case of defect.

One consideration for locating cheap laptops for students is to search for refurbished laptops. These are computers that have been lightly used and returned to the manufacturer. The manufacturer then conducts a thorough inspection of the computer, makes any necessary repairs or corrections, and puts it back on the market at a reduced price point. Although refurbished laptops are not always the newest models on the market, they function as well as a brand new computer, at a fraction of the cost.

Additional ways of obtaining cheap laptops for students include inquiring about special offers. Often as a buying incentive stores or manufacturers will offer additional products with deep discounts, or even for free, with the purchase of a computer. This way, students can not only obtain a well-priced laptop computer, but also a printer, ink cartridges, or an added warranty package as well, bringing down the overall cost of the computer and necessary accessories.

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How To Find The Best Laptops For Students

With thousands of portable computing devices on today’s market, it is important to determine which options will be most appropriate to meet the needs of specific individuals. The following article will briefly discuss how to identify today’s best laptops for students. It will discuss the various features that can or should be included in such a computer, as well as certain inquiries that potential purchasers should make before committing to one particular make or model.

Laptops are an excellent tool for post secondary students due to their excellent portability, and the convenience that they offer. Students no longer have to spend their evenings inputting their hand written notes into their home desktop computers; instead they can easily take notes with their computer placed comfortable on their laps during class lectures, while cross-referencing terms or ideas with internet resources in order to clarify hard-to-understand concepts.

The best laptops for students are lightweight and easy to fit inside a school or book bag. They should have comfortable keyboards to facilitate regular and large volumes of typing, and screens that are large enough to provide comfortable viewing without being cumbersome or adding to the computer’s weight. Most modern computers are now constructed to include a wireless card, allowing internet access with the touch of a button and the input of a password. This feature will prove invaluable to students, who will easily be able to perform research, check online class schedules, or chat with classmates, from virtually anywhere.

The best laptops for students should also have adequate RAM and hard drive capabilities. In lay terms, they should have fast processors and enough internal memory to store necessary programs and files. Frequently students will also use their laptops to collect and listen to music, play games, or watch movies. The best modern computers have the capacity to perform all of these functions without compromising performance, speed, or quality.

Although students’ laptops do not need to be of the highest quality, they do need to be durable in order to sustain long days of wear and tear, and they should last at least for the duration of the degree program. Students should be sure to inquire about warranties or guaranties offered by various companies, manufacturers and retailers, in the off chance that the computer system should be compromised in any way. At the very least, look for companies that offer technical support for their products, either in person or over the phone.

With the right laptop, students can increase their productivity exponentially, while having access to the internet, and a means of communicating with friends and family. The best laptops for students will allow them to perform all of the above functions, and so much more, quickly and easily.

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What Are The Best Laptops For College Students?

Today’s best laptops for college students come in a variety of packages, depending on the needs and requirements of the individual students and their respective degree programs. Although companies would have you believe that their product or products are the best possible ones for specific situations, the truth is that every individual requires their personal laptop for a variety of specific reasons. The following article will list some of the considerations that should be taken into account when making a new laptop purchase, in order to help determine what the best laptops for college students may be, given their specific needs, as well as their specific price ranges.

It is becoming increasingly popular for college students to use their laptops in classes in order to take notes during lectures. It is even common to see students conducting research, studying, or writing essays on their laptops while commuting to and from school, on busses and subways. In order to accommodate these uses, the best laptops for college students will be durable enough to sustain the wear and tear of frequent transport and use. At the same time they will be lightweight and have screens and keyboards large enough to facilitate viewing and typing, while not being too large to fit inside a backpack or shoulder bag.

In addition to these practical features, the best laptops for college students need to perform at a relatively fast pace in order to keep up with the multitasking needs of their owners, and have enough memory to reliably store documents, programs, and in most cases, music and even movies.

Students need all of these features and more in a computer that is within their price range, while allowing enough left over cash to ensure that tuition, rent, and all other necessary living expenses are covered. For this reason, many manufacturers have deals with universities and colleges to offer reduced prices on quality laptops for full-time students. Before looking at your local electronics or computer supply stores, inquire with your school to find out if there is a similar program in place that can help you to save money.

Finally, students need to ensure that their documents and research are protected and backed up in the case of a computer malfunction or crash. The best laptops for college students are backed up by limited or extended warranties, as well as in-person support, allowing students to save money in the long as well as the short term.

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Laptops For Students Buying Advice

In many post secondary institutions, laptops for students are becoming an increasingly necessary tool. For several years now, laptop computers have been popular among students for the many conveniences that they offer. They are portable and versatile, facilitating work and leisure activities in diverse locations, and at the touch of a button. In a world that is becoming increasingly technologically dependent however, these tools are now more than just a luxury convenience for those fortunate enough to afford them; in many modern classroom environments, it is now expected and assumed that every student will have access to a portable computer device on which to take notes and complete word processing assignments. Some specialized degree programs even require that students obtain laptops with specific programs and functions pertaining to their field of study.

Thankfully, due to this increased need and subsequent demand, laptops for students are now being made available in a variety of different models, and at a variety of price points; several of which are quite reasonable. Students now have the opportunity to obtain a basic laptop with wifi and Bluetooth capabilities, good memory capacity, and word processing programs, for under $400.00 USD. For those individuals that desire or require a higher level of speed, memory, or additional functions, there also exist mid-level and luxury models that are generally available at slightly higher price points.

When beginning your search for the perfect laptop, be sure to identify your needs. If you mainly use computers for simple word processing tasks such as completing written assignments, for collecting information online, or communicating via email, you would likely benefit from a basic, inexpensive laptop. If you are a heavy computer user however, who enjoys online gaming, or who works on serious multi-media projects, then a higher-end, more expensive model with speedier processing and increased memory may be required.

To obtain the best deals on a variety of laptop makes and models, be sure to conduct extensive research, and do not forget to inquire with your post secondary institution. Frequently, university and college bookstores or technical support stores will offer special deals on laptops for students that can only be applied to purchases made by current students of the given institution, and directly through them. This option, if it is available, can save students hundreds of dollars, and will often include word processing programs at far below the set retail price.

Look into the variety of best laptops for students available on today’s market, and discover how the convenience and speed that they offer on a daily basis can benefit your course of study.

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How Many USB Ports Do Laptops For Students Need?

How Many USB Ports Do I Need?  USB stands for universal serial bus and its a very common port on any of the best laptops for college students. The 1.0 version was introduced in 1996 with a much faster and now standard version called USB 2.0 that was release in April of 2000. In November of 2008 a 3.0 version was released however its very uncommon to see any computers that actually carry one of the 3.0 ports.

When looking for one of the best laptops for students its important to find one that has as many USB ports as possible. I made the mistake of getting a laptop in college that only had 2 USB ports. I thought there was no way Id ever need more than 2 at any given time. I cant even begin to tell you how wrong I was. Here is a quick list of the 7 things I had plugged in almost all the time when my computer was at my desk.

  1. External hard drive for back up and storage of all my music, photos, documents
  2. External keyboard because it was easier to type on
  3. External mouse to go next to the keyboard
  4. USB Flash drive that had my current school work on it
  5. My digital camera
  6. My iPod / MP3 player
  7. My printer

You can see how this was going be a big problem. There are a couple of solutions with the easiest being to buy a laptop with a lot of USB ports. You probably wont find any cheap laptops for students that have 7+ USB ports which is ok. As I’ve mentioned in a previous article, getting one of the best laptops for students should include Bluetooth which will help with the keyboard and mouse problem. You can also get a USB hub that turns one USB port into anywhere between 4 and 8 ports. They are extremely cheap and very useful. Believe it or not you can actually run 127 devices off from one USB port.

If you do happen to see any laptops for college students that do have the new USB 3.0 ports on them that’s great, but most likely you are going to see most of them will have USB 2.0 ports which is plenty fast and the current standard. Its always nice to look forward and try to plan a head. It helps make your computer usable and relevant to the future which is great for making that computer last as long as possible.

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Tips To Find The Best Laptops For College Students

My parents thought it was just crazy that I wanted a laptop to take to college with me, not so much because I wanted a computer for college, but because I was going to take it to all my classes and type my notes. After that got past the oddity of it they started to realize how important it was to find one of the best laptops for college students.

Now its not odd, but normal to se students with laptops in class and all over campus. Some of my friends in fact actually carry their laptop with them everywhere. There are certain laptops for students that are better suited then other for this task. Finding the right model is even more important now that the computer are getting so much use.

If you’re interested in getting one of the best laptops for college students you’ve certainly looked at the Apple Macbook. The Macbook has gained a lot of popularity for a few reasons. Obviously it is one of the best laptops for students, but also because its trendy to own any Apple products, whether its the iPod, iPhone, or Macbook. Its almost hard to say, but finding the perfect laptops for college is just as much about what laptop you actually like and will want to use as it is about the actually tech specs.

Things to look for in the best laptops for college students:

  1. A decent price that’s within your budget
  2. Has all the things you need while maintaining a good size
  3. Make sure it has the most up-to-date technology possible
  4. Fits your personal style and likes
  5. All the important ports
    • USB
    • HDMI
    • DVD Player
    • Memory Card Reader
    • VGA / DVI Port
  6. Wifi is a definite requirement
  7. Bluetooth is optional, but highly recommended
  8. Webcam
  9. A decent amount of RAM (2GB+)
  10. Large enough to be functional, but small enough to be portable
  11. Reliability and a good track record

When you start to try and find a model that fits this best laptops for college students list you’ll find that a lot of the super cheap $299 laptops you see at Best Buy or Walmart just don’t fit the bill. They may fit some of the above requirements, but not all of them. Because we set a budget we are definitely going to be ruling out all of the high end models that are over $1000.00. The laptops for students you’re looking for will most likely be from a popular company like Toshiba, Gateway, Acer, HP, Dell, or Apple that also fall into the average price range of $500-$900 dollars.

One thing you probably haven’t heard me mention yet is what operating system you want. I left this out because its actually a question you want to ask the school you will be attending. Every school is different, but all will except Windows XP Home or Pro. The question comes in when you introduce Windows Vista or Windows 7 into the picture. Definitely check with your school to make sure they’ll support those two operating systems. They most likely will, but its an easy and preventative phone call to make.

Ill make some recommendations on the models I would personally recommend at a later date, but this should get you started on finding one of the best laptops for college students.

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